Autowebinar Academy
Launch Your Own Autowebinar Funnel That Works!
Autowebinar Academy
Systemize Your Sales Process
Scale Your Online Course
Launch Your Own Autowebinar Funnel That Works!
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I have a confession to make:
For years, I was going about selling my online courses entirely the wrong way.
Hi, I'm Bailey Richert.
Business Coach for Infopreneurs
I help individuals launch and grow profitable online enterprises as “infopreneurs”:
Course Creators, Authors, Coaches, Bloggers, Podcasters, Public Speakers
I'm also the internet's foremost expert on virtual summits.
I have this online course called Virtual Summit School which debuted in Fall 2016.
In 2019, I won the ClickFunnels 2-Comma Club Award for selling over $1,000,000 of enrollments in this single course!
But, the interesting thing about that is:
90% of those sales came in a total of just 8 months!
For the first 2.5 years my course was available, I only brought in $50,000 worth of sales. 
So, what was the change I made which was responsible for this huge increase?
One Word: Autowebinars
Pre-Enroll in Autowebinar Academy Before the Price Goes Up on February 1, 2019!
Let me break this down for you:
When you create a new online course, there's a typical pattern infopreneurs follow:
First, you do an initial live launch of your new program.
You will introduce your new course to your audience, trying to enroll as many students as possible before the 'cart closes' for the first time.
Then, you have a choice to make.
After your first live launch, when the course content is now complete and you're ready to bring in more sales, what are your next steps?
Most infopreneurs choose one of these two main paths:
1. "Live Launch" Strategy
You can do live launches periodically throughout the year.
You'll keep your course enrollment closed for most of the year, opening it only for a few weeks at a time during 'live launch' periods that mimic the initial launch.
During the closed periods, you'll work on growing your email list so you have a new audience to pitch the program to when the cart opens.
  • ​With this method, leads are enticed to buy during those live launch weeks because they know if they miss out they won't be able to enroll in the program until the next launch, which could be months or more away - if it even gets launched again at all!
  • ​However, you are only bringing in sales a few weeks a year, which means your cash flow is high then, but during non-launch months your cash flow is 0. 
  • ​There's also way more risk to you. What if something goes wrong? What if you don't reach your sales goals while the cart is open?
2. "Evergreen Cart" Strategy
You can keep your course open 24/7/365 for enrollment.
The cart for your course is open all the time; it never closes.
You'll work to drive traffic consistently to the course directly to drive sales. There's no waiting period to enroll. Leads can purchase immediately.
  • ​With this method, you could bring in a sale any second of any day. The potential for more consistent income is greater. 
  • ​You can serve your audience on a more regular basis, providing them the training through your course they need now, not when the next live launch happens.
  • ​But, when your cart is always open, the impetus to 'buy now!' is completely gone. There's no pressure to enroll because 'it will always be there', leaving most leads to wait before enrolling.
  • ​Without that built-in deadline or push for your leads to 'buy now' that a live launch has, you will spend a lot of time trying to close each sale.
Neither of these strategies is 100% perfect.
With advantages and disadvantages to both, which one is the better choice?
And why isn't there any other option that has the best of both worlds:
the ability to enroll students every day, while also taking advantage of a deadline to buy?
These are the questions I found myself asking in 2018 when looking for a solution to scale my Virtual Summit School course!
Pre-Enroll in Autowebinar Academy Before the Price Goes Up on February 1, 2019!
After the initial launch of Virtual Summit School in 2016,
I chose option #2, the 'Evergreen Cart' Strategy, for making continued sales of my course.
I wanted to earn more consistent income, provide my students year-round access to my course and forego the headache of doing periodic live launches.
But, even with a fantastic course that had a lot of social proof, it was difficult to grow enrollments.
For two whole solid years, I put in the hours every day to drive traffic to my course AND convert those leads into sales.
Sending paid traffic directly to a sales page isn't effective,
so I was mostly engaged in time-intensive organic outreach activities like:
  • Consistent Live Video
  • Summit Interviews
  • Podcast Interviews
  • Guest Blogging
  • FB Group Networking
  • and much more.
Then, I had to put in even more hours to lead each prospective buyer to the sale via:
  • Sales Page Live Chats
  • Email Correspondence
  • Free Strategy Sessions
I was tired of hustling so hard to make a single enrollment!
Do you ever feel like that when it comes to selling your online course? 
At the rate I was going as a solitary sales person with this "Evergreen Cart" Strategy,
it was going to take years to scale to my first 6- or 7-figures from a single online course.
And even if I wanted to hustle harder, I just didn't have any more hours in a day to give.
What I really needed was 100 "Baileys", but hiring a sales team wasn't a viable option.
But I didn't want to revert to the "Live Launch" Strategy either, though.
I knew the live launches would be just as time-intensive, more risky, cut my cash flow and deprive my audience of access to my course when they needed it.
Two years after the initial launch of my course, I was burned out and looking for a sustainable solution to scaling.
That's when I came to realize:
If I wanted to scale my online course, I needed a sales system
which could leverage the best of both course-selling strategies
and which could take me out of the equation, so my income wasn't tied to the hours I worked.
I needed to figure out how to create an online selling machine that:
  •  Would work well in conjunction with paid traffic so I could greatly increase my incoming leads and reduce my time spent on organic, time-intensive outreach activities
  • ​Would lead the prospect to the sale through an automatic process that didn't require me to be present and could therefore reduce my time spent closing each student on the sale
  • ​Would allow me to make sales any time of any day, utilizing the Evergreen Cart Strategy to earn income on a consistent basis
  • ​Would use ethical, high-converting techniques like deadlines to push leads toward the sale, like in the Live Launch Strategy
  • Be built on software I was already using, thereby not increasing my expenses significantly
  • Be robust enough to handle any volume of traffic, no matter if I wanted to send 1 or 100 leads through it
  • Be streamlined so I could track leads throughout the entire process
That seems like a lot to ask, but eventually I learned:
Autowebinars are the answer!
I'd heard all the online marketing gurus tell me to do an autowebinar for years.
And you know what? They were right.
They were telling me then what I'm telling you now:
An autowebinar is a comprehensive, automated online sales system that can scale sales of your online course 
by combining the evergreen strategy of enrolling students continually with the high-converting tactics of a live launch.
Ok, so what does that really mean?
An autowebinar is basically a sales funnel which features an on-demand presentation that will do the job of selling for you -
- and it has all the features required to do it effectively and at scale!
A lead will register to watch a presentation (a.k.a. webinar), learn about your course, and be prompted to buy.
In an autowebinar sales funnel, you can:
  • Sell to multiple leads at once because the presentation is doing all the selling (not you), which means it can also handle large quantities of traffic from paid sources.
You can still invest in time-intensive organic traffic methods if you wish, or you can focus on paid traffic to increase your income leads significantly. An autowebinar funnel is robust enough to handle massive traffic all at once!
  • Close prospective buyers through an automatic process without you having to be physically present to close the deal yourself through a sales call, email or otherwise.
You'll free up a significant amount of your time by not having to close each sale through chat, email or one-on-one calls. The autowebinar funnel's presentation does the selling and follow-up techniques do the closing for you!
  • Enroll students at any time since the registration page is always online, and the presentation can be viewed any time. The autowebinar funnel is always working for you, even when you're literally sleeping.
Your maximum achievable income is no longer tied to how many hours you put into your work. Your autowebinar funnel can close sales while you're not around, giving you an unlimited earning potential. 
  • Implement individual deadlines and other ethical conversion tactics for each lead to mimic the urgency of a live launch which increases your conversions and leads to more sales.
The autowebinar funnel treats each lead uniquely, setting custom deadlines for every person who opts-in to create authentic urgency and scarcity that makes prospective buyers take action without waiting.
I knew an autowebinar was going to take my course sales to the next level.
There was just one teeny, tiny problem.
I just couldn't figure autowebinars out.
And it's not that I didn't try.
I really, really did - over and over again, but with no success. 
Ever felt like that?
Like there's this strategy or tactic all the "big names" out there are using successfully, but you're just not sure how to make it work for you? 
That's exactly how I felt about automated webinars.
It really had nothing to do with the presentation itself; I love speaking.
Even the selling aspect of the presentation was easily learned, practiced and mastered.
It was the tech, the funnel and the overall strategy that wasn't working.
  • Complicated Software: I bought all the 'evergreen webinar' programs on the market, and while they advertised many features, I never saw the returns - especially when they didn't cooperate with systems I already had.
  • Ineffective Funnel:  Incorporating my sales systems with the webinar software was hard enough, but getting people to go through the sales process seamlessly after the presentation wasn't working at all.
  • Unsuccessful Overall Strategy: It takes more than just 'talking' to someone for an hour to convince them to purchase. I needed urgency and scarcity but had no idea how to establish that properly. Retargeting, too? My strategy was broken.
But in 2018 - that all changed.
I was shown the 'secret sauce' by millionaires who used autowebinars to create their wealth from online courses.
Before you ask: yes, I'm being 100% serious.
In 2018, world-famous internet marketing expert and CEO of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson, asked me to work with him on his own virtual summit, the "30 Days Summit".
People who are familiar with my work might already know I'm the top virtual summit expert online. Check it out at!
As a part of that project,
I interviewed 30 millionaires about exactly how they achieved their success, including a deep, behind-the-scenes look at the sales funnels that got them there.
What I found wasn't really surprising:
The millionaires selling online courses were using autowebinars!
But what I learned about how they were doing them did surprise me:
They were all using the same autowebinar system that I had never seen taught anywhere else!
So, I did what any good business owner does when they encounter people successfully doing what they want to do:
I modeled what the millionaires were doing.
I studied and dissected exactly how they were setting up their autowebinar funnels.
  • What was their overall sales strategy? 
  • What technological systems did they use?
  • How did they incorporate urgency and scarcity into their autowebinar funnel authentically?
  • How many pages did their autowebinar funnels have? 
  • How did they retarget non-buyers without destroying the urgency and scarcity they advertised before?
I learned, implemented, tested and tweaked until I had found the formula - and could replicate it!
...and let me tell you something:
There are 2 reasons I couldn't make autowebinars work for me before!
(and they're probably the same reasons you can't make autowebinars work for you now.)
These autowebinar millionaires already knew what I also eventually discovered:
  • Expensive, complicated evergreen webinar software's only advantage is trying to make your autowebinar seem live, but that's not needed in 2019.
Customers are smart and getting smarter every day. No one really believes a presentation you offer every 15 minutes is live, so there's no need to pretend it is anymore. That tactic is over. 
Instead, focus on providing tons of value in your presentation, establishing your credibility in the funnel,  and making yourself easy-to-contact in case of questions. 
An autowebinar funnel does NOT have to mimic a live webinar funnel to be successful!
  • Simple, easy-to-follow steps to buy are an often overlooked part of the autowebinar process. Your funnel strategy + design is crucial!
Hooking up those evergreen webinar software programs to your existing systems is hard enough, but also each one looks and operates differently. Viewers can't often follow where they're supposed to click and when. Even the sales button isn't easily found! A streamlined buying process, or funnel, is key. 
What better way to create that than by using your own landing page software that you use in your business already, which is also conveniently what your audience is used to seeing anyway?
If customers can't easily follow the process, they won't buy your product!
  • Viewers need a reason to buy NOW versus waiting to make a purchase, so your autowebinar has to have authentic urgency and scarcity. 
Even those expensive software programs can't offer an easy solution to the problem of adding authentic urgency and scarcity into an autowebinar funnel, but it can be done - and it must be if you want to increase your conversions.
Your autowebinar funnel must have authentic urgency and scarcity to increase sales, but you must have a plan to recapture those sales!
#1: The way I thought autowebinars had to be done was totally wrong!
  • ​You DON'T need to purchase an expensive autowebinar, or 'evergreen webinar' software.
  • ​You DON'T have to pretend your autowebinar is live to make sales.
Here's the truth about those expensive evergreen webinar programs:
  •  They don't inherently play nice with your existing sales systems. 
You can't authentically track each lead from the moment of registration, preventing you from giving registrants custom deadlines that mimic a live launch.
Plus, you must 'piece-meal' your funnel together, forcing your lead to move from the presentation system to your buying system. Getting them to do that isn't easy: buy buttons are often 'hidden' in the evergreen webinar chat system, or you hope an attendee types the link on your presentation slide into their browser.
Even when a lead does press the 'buy' link, the look and feel of your second order form system isn't consistent. Plus, many times you can't even integrate the autowebinar registration system with your current landing page software to create a truly branded opt-in page!
  •  Their #1 selling point is helping you convince your audience that your autowebinar is live, which you do NOT need to do!
In the world of today's online marketing, consumers are smart.
They know if your webinar presentation is live or not, and lying about it is seen as reason to distrust you.
So why pay extra for a software with bells and whistles that aren't going to help you?
Here's what people are saying about whether you should pretend your autowebinar is live:
You DON'T need to purchase any of these software products to create an autowebinar:
  • Everwebinar
  • EasyWebinar
  • Stealth Webinar
  • Lucid Chart
  • Webinar X
  • Webinar Ninja
You CAN use the landing page / sales funnel software you already have!
  • ClickFunnels
  • LeadPages
  • InstaPage
  • BuilderAll
  • Unbounce
  • ...and any other!
#2: There was a lot the other "online autowebinar gurus" weren't telling!
  • ​A complete autowebinar funnel is NOT just 4 pages: registration, waiting room, broadcast and replay page.
  • ​You DO need an authentic way to mimic a live launch by introducing urgency and scarcity into your funnel.
I didn't develop any new system alone.
I didn't create a proprietary, never-before-seen online marketing technique.
I just deconstructed what was already working for online course millionaires, got results for myself - and formulated it for you!
Once I 'cracked the code', I implemented it into my own business by converting my Virtual Summit School sales funnel into an autowebinar.
You can check it out for yourself at
Within 4 months of implementing my autowebinar system, I sold more enrollments in my course than I had in the previous 2 years!
And that's without any change in ad spend...since I wasn't running any ads at all before or after the switch!
Finally, I can utilize autowebinars in my business in a way that actually works to scale my online course sales!
And I'm excited to bring that process to you!
Imagine what your business and life would look like if you had...
+ New email list subscribers signing up every day - Your audience is growing when you're not even trying because you're earning their interest and trust with value up front.
+ Sales being made while you were focusing on other tasks to grow your business - No more spending hours and hours trying to make one sale. The selling happens in the background so you can sell while you do other important tasks.
+ Predictable income resulting from consistent sales of your products - No more wondering how your business will do next month. You'll use data and analytics to optimize your process, scale and rely on consistent sales to grow.
+ Extra time and more energy - Scale back on your 1:1 clients. Invest in doing business tasks only you can do, like creating content and new revenue streams. Actually enjoy being a business owner instead of completely burned out every day.
These goals are achievable.
I know because I've received them through building my own sales funnels, and so have my students.
Let me show you how...
Autowebinar Academy
Learn my proven system to launch your own autowebinar funnel that works!
Meet Kyrsten
Kyrsten is a Virtual Summit School enrollee who utilized a virtual summit to launch a new part of her web design and branding business serving creative entrepreneurs. She achieved her highest goals for her first summit, generating over $20,000 in revenue, and grew her email list by 4x!
Let me share with you how things were going in my business BEFORE I launched my online courses this way.
Every sale of my courses, books, services or other offerings was a time-intensive struggle. Hours wasted on the phone with potential clients only to receive 'no' after 'no'. Countless time and energy poured into others' Facebook groups trying to drive traffic to my sales pages that just weren't converting. Lowering my prices again and again just so someone would want to buy.
Here was my problem: I was trying to sell 1 to 1.
As a solo business owner, there's only one of me, but there's millions of potential customers out in the world. Even if I were able to convert each one I spoke to, I was still limited by the hours in a day, the hours I could work, my own human limitations.
So what was the solution?
I had to start learning how to sell "1 to many" rather than "1 to 1".
I had to implement systems in my business which would allow me to reach manypeople that were actually interested in what I had to offer, and convert them to paying customers - all without increasing my work hours.
I know, it sounds impossible - but it's not!
Upon realizing the need to make this switch in my business, I started implementing sales funnels for all my products and services...
...and I've never looked back!

...and I've never looked back!
My own summits over the years have been responsible for helping me collectively achieve:
4,000 new email list subscribers
$21,000+ in revenue / $12,000+ in profit
915 new Facebook group members
65+ new relationships with influencers
Gigantic visibility + new opportunities
My Business Revenue from May 2016 through May 2017
In 2017 alone, my collective earnings from sales funnels will top $50,000!
So why is it that sales funnels are so effective?
And how can you be sure you'll achieve positive results, too?
Sales funnels leverage a few key online business principles that work, no matter your niche and no matter your product.
+ Pre-validating leads - You're not wasting hours trying to sell to someone who never really wanted what you were offering anyway. At each step of your sales funnel, you'll offer value relevant to your offering, so the right people get on your list and become customers.

+ Increasing reach to increase income - Business is a numbers game: the more people you can reach with your message and offer, the more will buy, the more you'll make. Sales funnels allow you to reach the masses in a way you couldn't in a one-on-one capacity.
+ Leveraging systems and automation - There's only so much you can do as one person with limitations, but software doesn't work that way. By using programs in your business that you can "set and forget", you can scale without needing to hire sales staff.
What's Included
Autowebinar Blueprint PDF
Understand how your high-converting autowebinar funnel will function from a visual, 10,000 foot bird's eye view with the first page of this Autowebinar Blueprint document. 
Then, dive deep in the remaining pages to further understand the function of each page and the overall funnel path, including how the lead moves through it.
16 Funnel Page Templates (PDF)
You'll learn the structure of the autowebinar funnel from the Autowebinar Blueprint, so you'll know which pages you need and how to put them together - but what are those pages supposed to look like? And why do they need to look that way?
These PDF templates will show you how to lay out your autowebinar funnel pages so you can recreate their look in whichever landing page or sales funnel software you're using.
  • Registration Page
  • Waiting Room Page
  • Broadcast Room Page
  • Replay Page
  • Order Form Page
  • Order Confirmation Page
  • Offer Expired Page
  • Waiting List Confirmed Page
  • Bonus Training Page
  • Testimonials Page
  • Refund Policy Page
  • Sales Page - Internal
  • Sales Page - Public
  • Follow-Up Video Landing Page
  • Affiliate Login Page (ClickFunnels)
  • Affiliate Area Page (ClickFunnels)
3+ Hours Video Training and Tutorials
The Autowebinar Blueprint and Page Templates will give you a plan to follow, but you'll receive detailed explanations in video format to understand how it all works.
You'll receive detailed, step-by-step tutorials about how to set up our autowebinar funnel in ClickFunnels, if you choose to use that platform.
Email Scripts
From registration confirmation emails to follow-up sequences, you're covered with the email scripts included in Autowebinar Academy.
"Plain English" Refund Policy Template
"110% money back guarantees" might work for the already majorly successful infopreneurs, but the smaller of us out there need to have a realistic refund policy which protects us against abuse of our products, especially when we start using autowebinars to sell our online courses at higher prices and higher volumes.
'Summary of Autowebinar Notes' MS Word Template
Send your autowebinar attendees a complete PDF of notes from your presentation when it's over, so you can both have a reason to follow-up as well as offer incredible value at the same time! With this MS Word Doc template, all you have to do is fill in the blanks, convert to a PDF, and voila! Instant value for your attendees.
Autowebinar Funnel Checklist
Don't launch your autowebinar funnel until you've verified that every step is working as it should! Keep your i's dotted and t's crossed with this checklist which lists out everything you need to do before launch.
The Course Modules
Module 0. Autowebinar Foundations
In Module 0, we'll begin with the basics, making sure you have solid foundation upon which to build your autowebinar in the future course modules. We'll discuss the marketing power and limitations of autowebinars, including expectations. We'll go over the capabilities your software will need to have, so you can take an inventory of what you already own and might need to get to complete your tools.
Important Topics:
  • Why don't you need an 'evergreen' webinar software?
  • How are you able to setup an autowebinar with your own landing page software?
  • What types of capabilities will your current software need to have to create your autowebinar? 
  • What software options are available to you?
  • Why don't you have to claim your autowebinar is live anymore?
  • In what ways should you mimic a live webinar, and why?
Module 1. Autowebinar Funnel from Above
Using simple square boxes on white paper to represent the pages of an autowebinar funnel, you'll learn the autowebinar structure page-by-page looking down on it at a 10,000 foot level: how it's built, how a lead moves through it, and more. 
Important Topics:
  • How the 15 pages of an autowebinar funnel function together
  • How does a lead move through the autowebinar funnel?
  • Limitations of your chosen landing page platform and how that might affect our funnel setup
  • Should you even have a broadcast waiting room? 
  • Do you need a public-facing sales page for an autowebinar offer? If so, how is that handled with your limited time autowebinar offer?
  • What actions and email sequences are triggered at each step of the funnel 
Module 2. Autowebinar Funnel in Practice
You'll walk through my actual, live Virtual Summit School autowebinar funnel!
You'll jump off the paper and into the 'real world' as you're walked step-by-step through an autowebinar funnel that's live on the internet, going through each page to understand what function it serves and how it's designed and why.
PLUS - All the tutorials you need to set up your autowebinar inside your ClickFunnels account.
Important Topics:
  • Should you advertise how long registrants have access to the training in advance? 
  • Why and how to offer and set up an automated bonus training for the autowebinar attendees
  • Presenting your offer at the right time
  • Strategically placing social proof links and more at the time of the offer
Module 3. Adding Urgency and Scarcity to Your Autowebinar Funnel
After somone watches your autowebinar presentation, how will you limit their window to make a purchase authentically? You'll learn to install Deadline Funnel into your autowebinar funnel to accomplish this task from a technical perspective, but from the strategy side of things you'll also learn how to do so without losing possible future sales.
PLUS - All the tutorials you need to get Deadline Funnel installed in your ClickFunnels autowebinar funnel.
Important Topics:
  • For which pages should access be restricted after your autowebinar presentation is over
  • How to implement Deadline Funnel into your Autowebinar funnel
  • Using a 'wait list' strategy to prepare for your next live launch of your course
Module 4. Post-Presentation Follow-Up via Email
Naturally you want your viewers to buy your course while watching the autowebinar presentation, but many will not. How do you get them to still purchase, even after leaving the autowebinar broadcast room? What is the secret strategy necessary to increase these conversions, aside from using compelling copy?
Also, what happens if someone doesn't purchase, or misses the deadline to? How can you recover that sale without breaking the authentic urgency and scarcity you were employing?
Important Topics:
  • Sending your attendees effective replays
  • The 4-Part video follow-up sequence
  • Summary PDF strategy
Course Bonuses
ClickFunnels Autowebinar Share Funnel
Instantly download a complete 15-page autowebinar funnel into your ClickFunnels account with the share funnel included in this course.
This share funnel are the exact pages shown in the PDF Page Templates also included in the course - AND they are the exact page designs and layouts used in Bailey's Virtual Summit School autowebinar.
ClickFunnels Video Follow-Up Page Share Funnel
Going to use the 4-video follow-up sequence method after a lead watches your autowebinar? You can import those exact pages into your ClickFunnels account with this share funnel.
This share funnel are the exact pages shown in the PDF Page Template also included in this course.
Planning Your Online Course
Working on a new online course you want to eventually sell with an autowebinar funnel? This bonus module discusses some important concepts in online course planning of which you should be aware, including using frameworks, course boundaries and more!
Crafting Your "Irresistible Offer" + Pricing Strategies
Did you know that the offer, or what you're selling on your autowebinar, is often one of the biggest reasons people either do or don't buy? Sounds obvious, but the art of crafting what's often called an 'irresistible offer' or a 'no brainer', as some call it, is harder than it looks. What does your final online course offer need to have to be irresistible?
Pre-Selling Your Online Course
Want to start generating revenue from your audience, even though you don't have an online course fully finished yet? No problem! By pre-selling your online course, you can get both actual idea validation from your audience (do they actually want to buy the course you're thinking of creating?) as well as actual revenue up front for your program before it's even finished.
Paid Students-Only Facebook Group
Want to connect with other Autowebinar Academy students in a community where questions are encouraged and everyone supports each other? This Facebook group for paid course enrollees only is where you'll find that! You'll be given a link inside the course where you can request access.
Lifetime Access
Thinking about launching your autowebinar funnel sometime soon, but concerned you might need some time to make it happen? No problem! You'll have immediate access upon purchase, and the materials are yours for life! Log in and learn anytime, anywhere.
Free Updates Included
I'm constantly trying new techniques with my own autowebinar funnels to see how I can achieve better results. When I find one, it goes into the program. Plus - all the tech tutorials are updated regularly to reflect the newest version of ClickFunnels.
Who Is This Course For?
Autowebinar Academy is perfect for infopreneurs who:
  •  Have an online course they want to scale using an automated presentation sales funnel,
  •  Are planning to launch a course they know they want to eventually sell on auto-pilot, or
  •  Need a clear roadmap for understanding the strategy, funnel design and conversion tactics for an autowebinar.
Autowebinar Academy is not right for infopreneurs who:
  •  Want to learn how to sell on a video presentation,
  •  Want specific instructions on how to put a webinar presentation together, or
  •  Want to learn paid traffic strategies to drive leads to their autowebinar registration page.
Could you be more specific about the technology?
This course outlines a variety of technologies you can choose from to assemble your virtual summit funnel, including a cost comparison. The structure of the summit funnel is taught without regard to which technology you choose.
Since it would be impossible to provide tech tutorials and screencasts of all technology, this course also provides full tech tutorials of a virtual summit funnel + system built in ClickFunnels, an all-in-one software solution for your summit needs.
ClickFunnels is the system I use to host my virtual summits, as well as my client's virtual summits.
You've found the answer to your online course sales problem.
Are you ready to take a step towards a bigger, better business today?
Frequently Asked Questions
When does this course begin?
The Autowebinar Academy online program will launch in 2019. The program will be self-paced. Students will receive immediate access to materials upon registration at that time. Work through them at your leisure; you have access to the member's area for life!
Are the course materials downloadable?
The video lectures in this course are not downloadable, but you will have 24/7, lifetime access to your account once you are registered and the course goes live. The scripts, worksheets, templates and guides are downloadable. 
What is your refund policy?
I am confident that you will love your Autowebinar Academy program because of all the amazing value it contains. If, however, you are unsatisfied with your purchase, a refund is possible within 14 days of purchase. Please note that customers who request and are granted a refund will have their access to all course materials, including the students-only Facebook group, immediately revoked. Still have questions? Email
14-Day Money Back Guarantee
I'm so confident you'll love my 3-stage process for launching your own online course that I offer a no questions asked 14-day money back guarantee on all enrollments of Sell Your Course Academy. 

Dig in, check out the materials and see how much incredible value this course contains for yourself. 
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