Autowebinar Academy
Launch Your Own Autowebinar Funnel in 7 Days
Autowebinar Academy
Systemize Your Sales Process
Scale Your Online Course
Launch Your Own Autowebinar Funnel in 7 Days
"Do an automated webinar! Do an automated webinar!"
I'd been listening to all the online marketing gurus that came before me say that for years.
I knew about all the benefits of autowebinars they touted, and I wanted them:
  •  Perfect Sales Tactic for Higher Priced Courses
  •  Sell "One to Many" and Scale Your Sales
  •  "Sell Your Online Courses While You Sleep"
  •  Convert Higher with a Webinar Presentation vs. a Traditional Sales Letter
And it's not that I didn't try.
I really, really did - over and over again. But - 
I just couldn't figure autowebinars out.
Ever felt like that?
Like there's this strategy or tactic all the big names out there are using successfully, but you're just not sure how to make it work for you? 
That's exactly how I felt about automated webinars.
It really had nothing to do with the presentation itself; I love speaking.
Even the selling aspect of the presentation was easily learned, practiced and mastered.
It was the tech, the funnel and the overall strategy that wasn't working.
  •  Complicated Software: I bought all the webinar-specific programs on the market, and while they advertised many features, I never saw the returns - especially when they didn't cooperate with systems I already had.
  •  Ineffective Funnel:  Incorporating my sales systems with the webinar software was hard enough, but getting people to go through the sales process seamlessly after the presentation wasn't working at all.
  •  Unsuccessful Overall Strategy: It takes more than just 'talking' to someone for an hour to convince them to purchase. I needed urgency and scarcity but had no idea how to establish that properly. Retargeting, too? My strategy was broken.
But in 2018 - that all changed.
Hi! I'm Bailey Richert.
Business Coach for Infopreneurs
I help individuals launch and grow profitable online enterprises as “infopreneurs”: respected experts in their fields creating value, generating income and realizing their ideal lifestyles by sharing their life experience, knowledge and passions with others through information products and services.
So what made the difference?
How did I go from a frustrated autowebinar skeptic to evangelist?
The answer is: I was taught.
I was shown the secret sauce by millionaires who used autowebinars to create their wealth from online courses.
Before you ask: yes, I'm being 100% serious.
In 2018, world-famous internet marketing expert and CEO of ClickFunnels, Russell Brunson, asked me to work with him on his own virtual summit, the "30 Days Summit".
People who are familiar with my work might already know I'm one of the top virtual summit experts online. Check it out at!
(More on that in a minute!)
As a part of that project,
I interviewed 30 millionaires about exactly how they achieved their success, including a deep, behind-the-scenes look at the sales funnels that got them there.
What I found wasn't really surprising:
The millionaires selling online courses were using autowebinars!
But what I learned about how they were doing them did surprise me:
They were all using the same autowebinar system that I had never seen taught anywhere else!
So, I did what any good business owner does when they encounter people successfully doing what they want to do:
I modeled what the millionaires were doing.
I studied and dissected exactly how they were setting up their autowebinar funnels.
  •  What was their overall sales strategy? 
  •  What technological systems did they use?
  •  How did they incorporate urgency and scarcity into their autowebinar funnel authentically?
  •  How many pages did their autowebinar funnels have? 
  •  How did they retarget non-buyers without destroying the urgency and scarcity they advertised before?
I learned, implemented, tested and tweaked until I had found the formula - and could replicate it!
...and let me tell you something:
There's a reason I couldn't make autowebinars work for me before!
(and it's probably the same reason you can't make autowebinars work for you now.)
There's A LOT more to a successful autowebinar system than the autowebinar 'gurus' out there are telling you!
"4-step autowebinar funnel"? - I don't think so!
I didn't develop any new system alone.
I didn't create a proprietary, never-before-seen online marketing technique.
I just deconstructed what was already working for online course millionaires, got results for myself - and formulated it for you!
Once I 'cracked the code', I implemented it into my own business by converting my Virtual Summit School sales funnel into an autowebinar.
(Told you I'd come back to this!)
You can check it out for yourself at
Within 4 months of implementing my autowebinar system, I sold more enrollments in my course than I had in the previous 2 years!
And that's without any change in ad spend...since I wasn't running any ads at all before or after the switch!
Finally, I can utilize autowebinars in my business in a way that actually works to scale my online course sales!
And I'm excited to bring that process to you!
Imagine what your business and life would look like if you had...
+ New email list subscribers signing up every day - Your audience is growing when you're not even trying because you're earning their interest and trust with value up front.
+ Sales being made while you were focusing on other tasks to grow your business - No more spending hours and hours trying to make one sale. The selling happens in the background so you can sell while you do other important tasks.
+ Predictable income resulting from consistent sales of your products - No more wondering how your business will do next month. You'll use data and analytics to optimize your process, scale and rely on consistent sales to grow.
+ Extra time and more energy - Scale back on your 1:1 clients. Invest in doing business tasks only you can do, like creating content and new revenue streams. Actually enjoy being a business owner instead of completely burned out every day.
These goals are achievable.
I know because I've received them through building my own sales funnels, and so have my students.
Let me show you how...
Autowebinar Academy
Learn my proven system to launch your own autowebinar funnel in just 7 days.
More information will be shared soon!
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Meet Kyrsten
Kyrsten is a Virtual Summit School enrollee who utilized a virtual summit to launch a new part of her web design and branding business serving creative entrepreneurs. She achieved her highest goals for her first summit, generating over $20,000 in revenue, and grew her email list by 4x!
Let me share with you how things were going in my business BEFORE I launched my online courses this way.
Every sale of my courses, books, services or other offerings was a time-intensive struggle. Hours wasted on the phone with potential clients only to receive 'no' after 'no'. Countless time and energy poured into others' Facebook groups trying to drive traffic to my sales pages that just weren't converting. Lowering my prices again and again just so someone would want to buy.
Here was my problem: I was trying to sell 1 to 1.
As a solo business owner, there's only one of me, but there's millions of potential customers out in the world. Even if I were able to convert each one I spoke to, I was still limited by the hours in a day, the hours I could work, my own human limitations.
So what was the solution?
I had to start learning how to sell "1 to many" rather than "1 to 1".
I had to implement systems in my business which would allow me to reach manypeople that were actually interested in what I had to offer, and convert them to paying customers - all without increasing my work hours.
I know, it sounds impossible - but it's not!
Upon realizing the need to make this switch in my business, I started implementing sales funnels for all my products and services...
...and I've never looked back!

...and I've never looked back!
My own summits over the years have been responsible for helping me collectively achieve:
4,000 new email list subscribers
$21,000+ in revenue / $12,000+ in profit
915 new Facebook group members
65+ new relationships with influencers
Gigantic visibility + new opportunities
My Business Revenue from May 2016 through May 2017
In 2017 alone, my collective earnings from sales funnels will top $50,000!
So why is it that sales funnels are so effective?
And how can you be sure you'll achieve positive results, too?
Sales funnels leverage a few key online business principles that work, no matter your niche and no matter your product.
+ Pre-validating leads - You're not wasting hours trying to sell to someone who never really wanted what you were offering anyway. At each step of your sales funnel, you'll offer value relevant to your offering, so the right people get on your list and become customers.

+ Increasing reach to increase income - Business is a numbers game: the more people you can reach with your message and offer, the more will buy, the more you'll make. Sales funnels allow you to reach the masses in a way you couldn't in a one-on-one capacity.
+ Leveraging systems and automation - There's only so much you can do as one person with limitations, but software doesn't work that way. By using programs in your business that you can "set and forget", you can scale without needing to hire sales staff.
What's Included
The Course Modules
Module 0. Why Online Courses Don't Sell
Whether you have a course that isn't selling, or you want to get ahead of the curve before you launch one, you first need to understand the main reasons online courses don't sell. 
Stage 1. Planning and Pre-Selling
Plan your program, and get it ready to accept pre-sales.
The best-selling online courses are designed in such a way that they "fly off the shelves", but how do you know if yours is? That's the topic of the first half of module 1. After that, you'll need to pre-sell your program.
Stage 2. Sales Funnels
Build your sales funnels, and send traffic through them.
Would you believe that "online course hosts" aren't actually the best software for you to be using to create and sell an online course? I know, counter-intuitive, but it's true! Instead, you need something with more selling power, a sales funnel machine.
Stage 3. Post-Launch and "Passive Income"
Set your program up for continued sales and "passive income".
None of your products will ever be truly passive, but online courses are about as close as it gets. You can make a significant amount of money from a program even after you're launched it if you know how to continue to keep the interest in it high, and drive traffic to it. 
Course Bonuses
Paid Students-Only Facebook Group
Want to connect with other Sell Your Course Academy students in a community where questions are encouraged and everyone supports each other? This Facebook group for paid course enrollees only is where you'll find that! You'll be given a link inside the course where you can request access.
Lifetime Access
Thinking about launching your online course sometime soon? Concerned you might want more than 90 days to do it? No problem! You'll have immediate access upon purchase, and the materials are yours for life! Log in and learn anytime, anywhere.
Free Updates Included
I'm constantly trying new techniques with my own online courses to see how I can achieve better results. When I find one, it goes into the program. Plus - all the tech tutorials are updated regularly to reflect the newest version of ClickFunnels.
Could you be more specific about the technology?
This course outlines a variety of technologies you can choose from to assemble your virtual summit funnel, including a cost comparison. The structure of the summit funnel is taught without regard to which technology you choose.
Since it would be impossible to provide tech tutorials and screencasts of all technology, this course also provides full tech tutorials of a virtual summit funnel + system built in ClickFunnels, an all-in-one software solution for your summit needs.
ClickFunnels is the system I use to host my virtual summits, as well as my client's virtual summits.
You've found the answer to your online course sales problem.
Are you ready to take a step towards a bigger, better business today?
Frequently Asked Questions
When does this course begin?
The Autowebinar Academy online program will launch in 2019. The program will be self-paced. Students will receive immediate access to materials upon registration at that time. Work through them at your leisure; you have access to the member's area for life!
Are the course materials downloadable?
The video lectures in this course are not downloadable, but you will have 24/7, lifetime access to your account once you are registered and the course goes live. The scripts, worksheets, templates and guides are downloadable. 
What is your refund policy?
I am confident that you will love your Autowebinar Academy program because of all the amazing value it contains. If, however, you are unsatisfied with your purchase, a refund is possible within 14 days of purchase. Please note that customers who request and are granted a refund will have their access to all course materials, including the students-only Facebook group, immediately revoked. Still have questions? Email
Systemize Your Sales Process . Scale Your Online Course.
Launch Your Own Autowebinar Funnel in 7 Days
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  • 3+ Hours of Step-by-Step Video Instruction
  • Online Course Pre-Sell Launch Plan
  • Sell Your Course Secrets Ebook
  • 3 Done-For-You ClickFunnels Share Funnels
  • ClickFunnels Share Funnels Customization Video Tutorials and Checklists
  • Membership in the Students-Only Facebook Group
  • 24/7 Lifetime Access to Videos + Future Updates
14-Day Money Back Guarantee
I'm so confident you'll love my 3-stage process for launching your own online course that I offer a no questions asked 14-day money back guarantee on all enrollments of Sell Your Course Academy. 

Dig in, check out the materials and see how much incredible value this course contains for yourself. 
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